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Dharma Talks given at East Bay Meditation Center
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2022-02-11 Opening Our Hearts to Love—For Ourselves and For Others 51:11
Donald Rothberg, Fresh Lev White
Just before this Valentine’s Day, we’ll explore, in meditation and a talk and discussion, what helps us to open our hearts to our deep loving nature, and what gets in the way of such opening. We’ll focus on how central it is, and often how hard it is, to be able to develop and express self-love and self-compassion. Yet these qualities are necessary for bringing love into our relationships and into our world, which deeply needs love and heart connections. We’ll identify perspectives and practices which help us to open our hearts to love!
East Bay Meditation Center

2020-10-02 Practicing with Fear (with Syra Smith) 55:17
Donald Rothberg
We explore the nature of fear and how to practice with fear. Syra speaks first; Donald speaks second, starting at 17:00. Discussion, including questions, starts at 34:43.
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-04-27 Sangha as Refuge - EBMC POC Sangha 1:19:27
Mushim Ikeda
Sangha as Refuge - EBMC POC Sangha
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-04-06 Radical Inclusivity - EBMC POC Sangha 43:44
Arisika Razak
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-02-23 Twelvefold chain of Interdependent Co-Arising. Meditation Included. Over 1.5 hrs. - EBMC POC Sangha 1:33:04
Mushim Ikeda
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-02-16 "Ignorance" from the Ten Fetters (Samyojana) Co-Teach with Manuel Vazquez - EBMC POC SANGHA 1:40:16
Shahara Godfrey
Meditation Included
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-02-09 Dharma Talk on “Restlessness" from the Ten Fetters (samyojana) -- Co Teach with Amana Brembry -- EBMC POC Sangha 1:41:09
Noliwe Alexander
East Bay Meditation Center

2017-01-12 Thomas Davis gives a talk: Adhitthana - Strong / Self-Determination, Resolve, Commitment to Purpose - EBMC POC Sangha 0:04
Thomas Davis
East Bay Meditation Center

2016-06-09 The Ten Paramis - EBMC POC Sangha 44:39
Spring Washam
Spring talk about The Ten Paramis at the POC Sangha
East Bay Meditation Center

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